Our secret ingredient, passion in what we do

Enjoying the beautiful landscape and in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, you will be able to take delight in the exquisite food of our restaurant. Our menu proposes a tempting selection of gourmet dishes, beverages and desserts that will defy your senses. Experience the exiting fusion of flavors from the coast combined with the fruits from the valley. We carefully conjugate fresh ingredients, which were specially chosen to offer you a delicate selection of smells, colors, textures and flavors in delicious dishes typical from this region live harmoniously with culinary options from the international cuisine. You can choose a table outdoors which will allow you to enjoy the beautiful landscape, feel the soft and warm brisk in your skin, or if you prefer, you can choose to have your meal in our spacious and comfortable dining room. Food is served, feel comfortable in front of your delicious meal, take a deep breath and let yourself be taken by the deliciousness created by our very talented Chef.